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Based in Boyup Brook, with everything in stock, we can help you with a complete system or part replacement for your LORENTZ, SUN MILL, or SUN PUMP system.

Supplying Australia-wide and physically servicing Albany Hwy to the Coast.

WA’s Leading South West distributor of Lorentz German-engineered Solar Pumping systems, “The Solar Pump Company” Sun, Water, Life.

If you need advice, talk to your Solar Water Pump Sales Specialist.

Manufacturer of Sun Mill Original, Made in Western Australia for over 25 Years

Distributor of Sun Pumps SDS range Australia wide

Manufacturer of Pole mount & Ground mount framing

Manufacturer of Dam floats to suit Lorentz HR, C-SJ & Surface mount pumps.

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Australia’s leading solar pumps

Lorentz is a company dedicated to solar water pumping, all of their products are designed to be highly reliable and very efficient.

Solar Pumping Systems from 100W to 100kW to a max head of 450mtr.

Solar Water Pumps deliver water to people, livestock, and crops using the power of the sun.

LORENTZ – The Solar Water Pumping Company!


Australia’s own manufactured solar water pumps

Sun Mill Original Solar Water Pumps are still owned, manufactured in Western Australia for over 25 years, and still going strong, as we hear from time to time it’s old technology that just keeps on going & going due to the simplicity of how it works.

With 5 models to choose from including the Sun Mill Twin at 30,000L/day and a max head of 60m, there will be a system suitable for your application.

In General

Our products are designed to provide outstanding performance, value for money, reliability. Whether you require a small water supply, Rural or Commercial pumping system for your application, We can Design, Install or Supply only.